Bringing IPFS/Filecoin to the forefront of developers' minds all over the world, Web3 Infinity Hackathon, as a sub-event of FIL-Singapore, is offering an incredible hackathon journey from July to August 2022.

Here, you can get an opportunity to play a key role in the Web3.0 World, learn practical skills, and have a huge chance to gain grants and investment for your projects. 

Over $100,000 in prizes, additional grants from sponsors, and FIL-Singapore Summit Perks are just for you and your team!

Sign up and start building with IPFS/Filecoin! 



Generous Prize Pool

Give back value to participants upon completion of the event and function as an incubator and launchpad to help all the participants for further growth.

Top-notch Support

Introduce you to teammates, connect you with mentors, access free education, and help you deliver a working project that pushes the IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem forward.

Join A Community

You are invited to be part of an international community of creators aligned around a vision of a better, decentralized internet, complete with jobs and venture opportunities for talent like you.

All Round Care and Support

Provide technical support about building with IPFS/Filecoin, and help to pitch your project!



As the host of FIL-Singapore Summit from September 26-27th at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, we offer special perks for all outstanding teams. The perks are tiered depending on the prizes won:

  • Real-time reporting and blog posting
  • Online interviews for award-winning teams
  • Free tickets for eligible teams (max three tickets per team)
  • Open application of free use of Side-Event Room on September 26-27th

For more details about FIL-Singapore Summit, please check FIL-Singapore.



Members from IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem ran a wide variety of workshops to introduce you to building with IPFS/Filecoin.

For more information on these videos, tutorials, and live workshops, visit here.



Start Of Web3 Infinity Hackathon Submission: July 1st - 12:00 a.m. CST

Technical Seminar: July 4th - 22nd

Web3 Infinity Hackathon Intro & AMA: July 5th, Check here!

Hackathon Opening Ceremony: July 12th, Check here!

Project Submission Deadline: August 17th - 11:45 p.m. CST

Judging Period: August 18th - 21st

Public Voting: August 18th - 22nd

Winner Announcement @Hackathon Closing Ceremony: August 23rd, Check here!

Meetup for Project Online Interview #1: September 6th

Meetup for Project Online Interview #2: September 13th



We3 Infinity Hackathon as a sub-event of FIL-Singapore begins on July 1st, 2022, and submissions will be accepted until August 17th, 11:45 p.m CST (UTC+8).

Our sincere thanks go out to our generous sponsors, judges, and tutors, including Protocol Labs, Filecoin Foundation, and more!


Judges & Speakers




Lesson 1: Building Filecoin Ecosystem with Venus (CN)

Mike Li - Venus Core Developer

July 6th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Lesson 2: Coding with IPFS/Filecoin (EN)

Longfei Wang - Protocol Labs Developer Advocate

July 8th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Lesson 3: Introduction to IPFS and Filecoin (CN)

William Yang - KEN Labs CTO

July 13th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Lesson 4: Building with Lotus API (CN)

Chao Wang - IPFSForce Core Developer

July 15th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Lesson 5: Introduction to Fluence & Aqua (EN)

Bernhard Borges - Fluence Labs Research Scientist

July 20th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Lesson 6: Differences Between Web2/3 Designs of Applications (EN)

Robert Dowling - Filecoin Foundation Associate Engineer

July 22nd, 18:00 CST

Recording video


VC Talks

Session 1: The Insider and Tendency of Project Investment and Financing  (EN)

Seh Harn Goh - Trigger VC CEO

July 27th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Session 2: Prospective on Investing in Web3 (EN)

Stefano Bury - LongHash Ventures Head of Platform

August 3rd, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Session 3: Investing in Web3 (EN)

Ruth Galvin - Outlier Ventures Program Manager

Kobby Chen - Fenbushi Capital Investment Director

August 10th, 18:00 CST

Recording video


Winner's Call

Session 1: Our journey of Hackathon (CN)

Felix Li - FileDrive Labs Founder & CTO

July 29th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Session 2: Launching a project using Hackathons (EN)

Daryl Lim - MetaPals COO

August 5th, 18:00 CST

Recording video

Session 3: Hackathon Driven BUIDLs (CN)

Bruce - Web3Hacker.Ninja Founder

August 12th, 18:00 CST

Recording video



Force Community is a non-profit leading Web3 community. Here you can get the latest updates about the development of the Web3 ecosystem, and we encourage and support people to build around Web3.0.

For more details about Force Community, please check




Twitter: Force Web3 Community

Discord: Force Web3 Community

Telegram: Force Community



Web3 Infinity Hackathon has four super impactful tracks that place participants at the forefront of Web3. You can choose which category you wish to compete in:

Filecoin Logo

1. Decentralized Storage Infrastructure: Outstanding tools or protocols to improve the use of Filecoin and/or IPFS in the following modules: storage/retrieval market, Filecoin Virtual Machine, Filecoin Green, etc.

2. Storage Solutions for Web 3.0: Outstanding decentralized storage solution for solving problems in workflow with Filecoin and/or IPFS, or the following decentralized storage services: Estuary, NFT.Storage, Web3.Storage, etc.

3. Power DApps with IPFS/Filecoin: Outstanding implementation of the blockchain-enabled application, including but not limited to consumer-facing NFT DApps, creator-oriented services, and crypto primitives, which stores data with Filecoin and/or IPFS, and/or the following decentralized storage services: Estuary, NFT.Storage, Web3.Storage, etc.

4. Bridges among Multi-chains: Outstanding building tools, protocols, or DApps activate multi-chain(s) and use IPFS and/or Filecoin for storage requirements.


Fluence Logo

Influence Web3 with Fluence: Best use of Fluence and Aqua in your Web3 project or DApp. For more details and resources, please check here!

To win the Outstanding Award of Fluence, you need to select it under the additional information page.



All submissions will be reviewed by Web3 Infinity Hackathon judges to determine whether they meet the submission requirements according to the hackathon rules.



Submissions to Web3 Infinity Hackathon must meet the following requirements:

  • Description of the project's features and functionality
  • A demonstration video (3-5 minutes)
  • Public Code Repository: a link to the publicly available code repository or a functional demo of the deployed application
  • Comprehensive README, including a clear description of the work and mention of how the project uses IPFS and/or Filecoin and/or required technology

Hackathon Sponsors


$105,000 in prizes

First Place

• $15,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Second Place (2)

• $10,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Third Place (3)

• $6,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Honorable Mention (2)

• $5,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Outstanding Award Of Fluence (2)

• $2,500 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Track 1 - Decentralized Storage Infrastructure

• $4,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Track 2 - Storage Solutions for Web 3.0

• $4,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Track 3 - Power DApps with IPFS/Filecoin

• $4,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Track 4 - Bridges among Multi-chains

• $4,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Most Potential Award

• $3,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Best Creative Award

• $3,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Community Choice (3)

• $1,000 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Next Top 30 (30)

• $400 USD
• FIL-Singapore Summit perks (see rules for details)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bernhard Borges

Bernhard Borges
Fluence Labs Research Scientist

Jenks Guo

Jenks Guo
Filecoin Foundation Developer Advocate

Kobby Chen

Kobby Chen
Fenbushi Capital Investment Director

Longfei Wang

Longfei Wang
Protocol Labs Developer Advocate

Pan Chasinga

Pan Chasinga
Protocol Labs Developer Advocate

Stefano Bury

Stefano Bury
LongHash Ventures Head of Platform

Seh Harn Goh

Seh Harn Goh
Trigger VC CEO

Steven Li

Steven Li

Wendy Vanessa Yew

Wendy Vanessa Yew
Asia Blockchain Association Chief Executive Officer

William Yang

William Yang

Yun Cheng Wu

Yun Cheng Wu
National University of Singapore Research Assistant Professor

Judging Criteria

  • Technological Implementation
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer.
  • Design
    Includes the quality of the user experience and design of the project.
  • Potential Impact
    Includes the extent to which the solution can be impactful.
  • Quality and Creativity of the Idea
    Includes creativity and originality of the idea.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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